Radionova wins Russian junior champs, Lipnitskaia surprisingly is out of podium

Elena Radionova

Reigning Junior Grand Prix Final champion Elena Radionova won the Russian junior championships, which was held last weekend in Saransk. The main surprise of the event was a fifth place of Julia Lipnitskaia.

Elena Radionova confidently took the first place in both programs with the overall score of 200.19 points. The second place took Serafima Sakhanovich (191.55), who was fourth at the Russian national championships in Sochi. The bronze medal won Maria Sotskova (181.12).

Reigning World junior champion Julia Lipnitskaia, who had to miss Grand Prix Final and Russian national championships due to injuries, finished fifth with a result of 178.56 points.

Lipnitskaia believes that her result has been affected by injuries and fatigue.

“Before the Grand Prix Final I got an injury and began my trainings again just two weeks before the New Year. These were inferior trainings. I just skated, without jumps and spins,” a website of Russian skating federation quotes Lipnitskaia.

“This continued for eight days. Then I began to prepare properly. But, of course, missing two big competitions – Grand Prix Final and Russian nationals – significantly affected on my preparation.” she added.

Today the coaching council will announce skaters who will represent Russia at the World Junior Championships, which will be held from February, 25 to March, 3 in Milan, Italy.

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Photo: Vladimir Pesnya

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