Denis Ten: “I didn’t expect such result”

Denis Ten takes silver at 2013 World championships

Denis Ten of Kazakhstan, who won the silver medal at the 2013 World figure skating championships, said he did not expect such a result from himself on the main competition of the season.

Ten won free skating competitions in Canada’s London, showing a clean and strong performance. By the sum of the two programs he yielded to a three-time World champion Patrick Chan of Canada just 1.30 points. His total score is 266.48 points.

“I am proud how I performed at this World championships,” Ten said journalists. “I didn’t expect to finish this season well. Of course, the second place was the biggest surprise for me!” he added.

According to Denis, he tried to tune in to free skating program with the idea that he had nothing to lose.

“I imagined that I already lost and that I can skate freely,” he explained. “It gave me an additional confidence. However, these last two nights I didn’t sleep well and was too nervous.”

Photo: Zimbio

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