Junior Worlds was the most emotional event for Radionova

Elena Radionova performs SP at 2013 junior Worlds

2013 World junior figure skating champion Elena Radionova of Russia shared thoughts on her performances in Milan.

“Honestly, I have not realized yet that I did it. But in general, next morning after my victory I woke up in a very good mood. I understand that it’s a junior championships. Nevertheless, the title of world champion sounds good,” Radionova told R-Sport.

“It was the most emotional event in my life. When I finished performing my free skating program, then I could say that I “lived” it. I think I showed all images of the performance – a dancing bird, a storm and a broken wing…

When there were exciting notes in the music, they all were inside me. At the first part of the program I was still thinking about my jumps but later I was completely captured by emotions.” Russian skater continued.

“Someone has to get hung up on the fact that during a skating performance she (he) needs to show emotions. As for me, when my body hears the music, I immediately start to dance. As for the difficult jumps, including cascades of 3-3, I do well them already three years. So I don’t need to learn them. I just need to keep them in the right form.” World junior champion added.

Photo: Zimbio

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