Patrick Chan is happy about clean performance

Patrick Chan performs short program at 2013 Worlds

Reigning World champion Patrick Chan, who yesterday at 2013 World championships not only won men’s short program but also set a new world record (98.37 points), shared his thoughts and emotions on the new success.

“Since the beginning of this week I knew I could skate well my short program, because the whole week I worked a lot on it,” Chan said reporters. “But when you go to the start, there is always a “space” for doubt. Frankly, I’m more happy that I finally skated clean my program than that I took the lead after the short and set a new world record.” Canadian skater continued.

Chan noted that this season is not an easy one for him.

“I’ve been coming for the next competition, always trained at a full strength and was ready to show decent performances but the programs just didn’t turn out well. I could not manage to perform at my level. I tried to find an explanation for that,” he continued.

“I am very happy that my coach and the Canadian figure skating federation helped me with everything, and that they didn’t mind that I changed the place of trainings. I’m one of those skaters who “takes” the energy from athletes with whom he trains and from the surroundings. I know that I need to train alongside my friends, in a family atmosphere, and then every morning I wake up with a great desire to go to the ice rink as soon as possible.” Canadian skater noted.

Patrick also mentioned that he did not think about setting new world records.

“In my head there were many different thoughts but I didn’t think about setting a new world record. It’s not so important to me. When you perform in such a great atmosphere, in from of the audience, which supports you so much, you have only one thought – the desire to give them something incredible and special that they will long remember.” two-time World champion added.

Photo: Zimbio

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