Leonova tries sports journalism

Alena Leonova at R-Sport agency

Alena Leonova for one day became a journalist of the major Russian online sports edition R-Sport. This event was a surprise for the skater, as she initially supposed she was going to tour the media holding.

“My friend, a journalist Andrey Simonenko, invited me on a tour to show where and how he works. But when I came to visit him, I found that they plan to make a mini-movie about me, in which I play a role of an employee of the agency. I liked the idea and we started filming.” Leonova wrote in her blog.

R-Sport editor-in-chief Vasili Konov showed Alena her workplace and explained her first journalistic task: selecting photos from the 2013 World Team Trophy, which was held in Tokyo last week.

Leonova successfully coped with the task. After that she went to the agency’s snack bar and had a rest in a sleep capsule, which is a special place for R-Sport reporters.

“In fact, I loved it. I got a huge positive charge. But I can say that it is very difficult for me, so I’d rather stay a skater.” confessed Leonova.

“Everything that is in the building reminded me of a huge anthill. A huge number of reporters and everyone is busy with their own things. Basically, of course, all people are sitting at their computers, and writing, writing and writing… There are TVs everywhere and running lines with the latest news.” impressed Leonova added.

Watch Alena Leonova’s one day in journalism


Photo: RiaNovosti

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