Ten increases interest to Kazakhstan

Denis Ten takes silver at 2013 World championships

2013 Worlds silver medalist Denis Ten said that his achievement in Canadian London increased a worldwide interest in Kazakhstan.

“The season ended perfectly. I will never forget this championships. It was a historic one not only for me but for the whole country,” Ten said Sports.kz.

“I am doubly pleased that after the championship, Kazakhstan became more popular in the world. I get letters from around the globe. People write me about how they are now interested in Kazakhstan. They also have a wish to learn more about our history and culture. To my big surprise, some of them are planning a trip to our country for the study of the Kazakh language!” he continued.

“Of course, I’m very happy but at the same time I try not to dwell on these pleasant nuances. I want to be focused on the next season.” he added.

Photo: Zimbio

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