Alexei Mishin: “Things are going even better than I expected”

Evgeni Plushenko at Russian championships

2006 Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko will not go for a medical examination to Israel due to the fact that the doctor, who conducted his surgery, in the near future will come to Moscow, athlete’s coach Alexei Mishin told R-Sport agency.

In late January, Plushenko had a spinal surgery in one of the Israeli hospitals. In June, the skater had to undergo a scheduled medical examination in his doctor’s clinic.

“Changes in plans of Plushenko are not related to his physical condition,” Mishin said. “This is due to the plans of the Israeli doctor. He has a convenient opportunity to come here, so Evgeni has canceled his trip. At the time, things are going in a full compliance with the dynamics of his recovery.” he added.

The coach noted that he’s totally satisfied with the present work on the ice, which his student does in Novogorsk training base in Moscow.

“Evgeni copes very well with all training loads. We don’t include jumping elements yet but overall things are going maybe even better and more interesting than I expected. Also, he will have interesting programs but it’s too early to announce them.” Mishin concluded.

Meanwhile, Evgeni Plushenko in an interview with Team-Russia 2014 said that he plans to participate in both singles and team events at Sochi Olympics.

“It’s absolutely real to compete in both events. Well-trained athletes can do it. Competitions will be held with a big pause, so skaters do not have to go on the ice and compete the next day after the team event. I think it is very good that the competition among teams was included into Olympic program. Of course, I plan to compete at both disciplines.” Plushenko said.

At the moment, Evgeni does not know when he will be able to perform jumping elements.

“My doctor will come, will examine me and then will tell what I need to do.”

Plushenko is scheduled to perform at one stage of the ISU Grand Prix in coming season – 2013 Rostelecom Cup, but the skater assured that he will take part in several national and international events.

“We are planning several events – both Russian and international. Among them, besides Grand Prix, there are Russian nationals, European Championships, and, of course, if all goes well, the Olympic Games in Sochi.” reigning Russian champion added.

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