Lipnitskaia feels herself different

Julia Lipnitskaia, ice show

2013 Russian national silver medalist Julia Lipnitskaia told to the official website of the Russian skating federation about her work on the programs for the upcoming Olympic season.

On cooperation with Ilia Averbukh:

“Ilia is always trying to push off from created image. For him, the importance lies not only in the beauty of music but he also puts attention on how it fits for an athlete. It is important to create an unusual image under even a well-known melody.”

On her new images:

“In the short program I’m able to meet the challenge because I’m picturing myself. In this program I feel myself confident and very natural. We were looking for the short program’s music for a long time and when we found it, we created the program surprisingly fast. Somehow it all came naturally. I really like the program. It is unusual, with a piano music.”

“As for the free skating program, in this sense it was a little more complicated because the program is more difficult. I’ve got to focus on every element to fulfill all clean. It is clear that when it comes to complexity, the image becomes a secondary thing. But I will also try to express all emotions in this program and hopefully everything will turn out well. The musical accompaniment is also lyrical.”

On herself:

“I’ve heard other people’s opinions and everyone says that last year’s Julia Lipnitskaia and the present one are two different people. I myself feel that my programs have become more mature and more interesting. But I don’t want to say much in advance.”

Lipnitskaia has not yet announced the names of her new programs.

Photo: Courtesy of Julia Lipnitskaia

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