Gracie Gold fights inner rivals

Gracie Gold

By Vladislav Luchianov

For the US silver medalist Gracie Gold the upcoming season will be very important and, perhaps, in many respects a decisive one. This is not only because of its Olympic value.

In addition to the tension of the Olympic season, the young girl will have to fight not only the external rivals, but also “internal”. I have a feeling that she will successfully cope with this inner issue as well as with an issue related to coaching changes.

This past weekend Gracie took second place at 2013 US International Classic in Salt Lake City with a result of 164.68 points and losing to her compatriot Courtney Hicks. Despite the fact that the tournament was held at the beginning of the season, many skating fans were waiting for too much from this very talented skater at this stage of the season. Once again, many had to remember that the beginning of the season is just the beginning of the season and nothing more.

She took the lead after the short program but in free skating, after the execution of a magnificent triple Lutz-triple toe, Gracie unfortunately made mistakes on the following elements, which did not allow her to take the gold. However, having a strong fighting spirit, she fought to the very end with the unruly elements.

“In competition I get very stiff and I make myself nervous. The pressure never comes from anyone else; everyone is supportive.” she told Icenetwork.

Gracie Gold, by her nature, is a very friendly and tactful person. However, there where are good results, there will always be high expectations. This is the nature of people. As philosophers say, the needs of the people know no boundaries. It may be added that expectations of some sports fans know no boundaries too, unfortunately.

But in fact, it’s not so important what kind of pressure is more powerful – internal or external. What is more important is to learn to deal with both its kinds and this is one of the main tasks of Gold. As I have noted, given the nature of her, I’m sure she will find the right solution to this problem.

After the completion of competitions, Gracie wrote in Twitter the message that speaks for itself:

Gracie Gold's tweet

I would like to draw your attention to another interesting thing. Despite the technical mistakes, I was impressed with her new programs. Both the short (Gershwin’s “Three Preludes”) and long (Tchaikovsky’s Sleeping Beauty) programs created simply masterful – very beautiful costumes, complex and charming choreography, great musical design. All of this just does not release you until the end of performance. From the first seconds of her programs it’s clear that this past summer was done a tremendous amount of work on the artistic part.

Gracie Gold competes at US International Classic

As for the Gracie’s fight with inner rivals, since the author of this article is also a big fan of tennis, he will take the liberty to offer one piece of advice.

A week ago in New York City ended one of the most important tournaments of the tennis calendar year – US Open. One of semi-finals has turned into just a fantastic sports battle. It took several hours of uncompromising fight for elite players Novak Djokovic of Serbia and Stanislas Wawrinka of Switzerland to determine the winner. Despite the fact that the Serbian player won, many in the tennis world called Wawrinka as the main protagonist of the whole tournament.

Journalists paid attention to the inscription in the form of a tattoo on his arm and the Swiss were asked to explain its significance. “This is my philosophy.” said Stanislas, who often called as Stan The Man, for his strong fighting character. Inscription itself contains a quote of famous Irish writer Samuel Beckett. Wawrinka published it on his Twitter:

Stanislas Wawrinka's philosophy

Note: The meaning of Fail Better is to learn something good from any failure in order to overcome the next challenge.

Philosophy of Samuel Beckett differs by piercing realism (despite the fact that he’s considered by many as tragicomic and absurdist writer) that motivates a person to overcome a variety of life’s complexity. One need only read a few of his major works and this becomes clear. This is all despite the fact that his vision of a world is different from so popular these days positive thinking. This is a much deeper thought. Some researchers mistakenly believe that his works are nihilistic. All is quite different. Thanks to the original style, Beckett offers a different look at the reality. He offers to realize the insignificance of many of our inner rivals.

Anyway, I want to say a big thank you to Gracie Gold and other participants of US International Classic for the past weekend. Figure skating season has just begun but we already got so much beauty!:)


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