Joubert returns to Veronique Guyon

Brian Joubert and Veronique Guyon

French figure skater Brian Joubert returns to cooperation with Veronique Guyon and will be preparing for the Olympics in Sochi on his favorite ice rink in Poitiers.

Recall that Joubert had to leave Poitiers due to a reconstruction of the sports arena. Last season he trained mostly in Paris under the direction of Katia Krier, who was considered by many experts as his main coach for Olympic season.

As it became known, the situation has changed with the end of reconstruction of the arena in Poitiers, which will be opened again on November 26. Also, the period of uncertainty with a coach has ended – Brian returns to Veronique Guyon.

“This is a logical decision. Katia Krier is a very good coach but I do not feel good in Paris. I feel so much better in Poitiers, where working conditions are much better than in Paris.” Joubert said La Nouvelle Republique.

Joubert has kept his training base in Poitiers throughout his career, in order to remain close to his family. He trained there for many years with Veronique Guyon, until she resigned from her position in the summer of 2003 to spend more time with her family.

Following the 2012 World Championships, Joubert stated that he would train in different locations during the 2012–2013 season, because his home rink in Poitiers was to be torn down in order to build a new one by the 2013–2014 season. He was unable to get ice in nearby Niort.

In September 2012, shortly before the Poitier rink’s closure, Joubert relocated to Paris; he trained with Annick Dumont at Champigny-sur-Marne and remained in contact with Guyon. He lived at the Institute of Physical Education and said that he might be able to return to the Poitiers rink at the end of June 2013. Later in the season, he trained with Katia Krier in Paris-Bercy.

Photo: Wikimedia

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