Radionova takes first senior gold

Elena Radionova wins gold at 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy

By Olga Fluegge

The 14-year-old Elena Radionova of Russia took her first senior international gold medal and earned overall 188.21 points at Nebelhorn Trophy in Oberstdorf.

She produced an excellent routine to soundtrack from the film “Frida” featured by a triple Lutz-triple toe loop combination, and showed an impressive strong level of spins and footwork. Her only mistake was a fall on double Axel.

“I’m very glad how I skated today. Honestly I did not expect the high score because this is my first senior competition. So it is a completely new experience for me. I would like to say thank you to the audience who was very supportive. I love the place, mountains, nature and beautiful surroundings in Oberstdorf.” Radionova said at a press conference.

The two-time world champion Miki Ando of Japan won a silver medal (162,86 points). But the most important thing is that she made a successful comeback, bringing much joy to many Japanese fans, which came to Germany.

“I’m looking for the Olympics after this competition. Yes, it was very hard for me. I was dying after the free skate but I promise to train more to improve programs and elements.” said Ando.

Her non –jumping elements received only level one and two. Ashley Cain of USA (162.39) maintained her third position and won the bronze. “This competition put my name on senior circle. I’m happy with the results.” she commented. The American aims to do another step forward this season and will fight for the Olympic spot in the Team USA.

Ladies podium at 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy

Elena Radionova, Miki Ando and Ashley Cain at the 2013 Nebelhorn Trophy podium

The Australian Brooklee Han impressed the audience with a very solid program and had a great moment in Oberstdorf, getting an Olympic spot for her country. The final spots got Norway, Georgia, Czech Republic, Austria and Brazil. This is the first time in history of figure skating when a Brazilian skater will participate at the Winter Olympics.

Photo: Olga Fluegge, Zimbio

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