Sotnikova getting ready for Japan Open

Adelina Sotnikova performs new free skate program

2013 European silver medalist Adelina Sotnikova of Russia won the gold medal at first stage of the internal competition Russian Cup in Perm, showing a total result of 192, 46 points.

This event can be classified as B class but the Russian figure skater has decided to take part in it in order to feel the atmosphere of the competitive season. She is also getting ready for the Japan Open, which will be held at the beginning of next month.

“I just had to try my hand, to perform in front of audience and to feel the atmosphere of the competition. In early October I will participate at the Japan Open, so I need to get used to this feeling,” Sotnikova said Team-Russia 2014. “I think I’ve performed well in Perm but though there were small mistakes on which I have to work.” she noted.

Earlier, the skater also planned to perform at the Lombardia Trophy in Italy but decided to skip this event.

“The fact is that I was invited to Japan Open at the end of last season and I will be there for sure. This issue we have not even discussed. We would also like to perform in Italy but my coach Elena Buianova decided that we should miss Lombardia Trophy. So we did.” Russian skater continued.

“Since in Japan I only need to skate the long program, now we will pay more attention to this aspect. We will work on all the elements to make them cleaner. But in general, I think we will prepare with an eye on the Grand Prix through the Japan Open.” Sotnikova added.

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