Alexander Smirnov suffered a serious injury

Yuko Kavaguti and Alexander Smirnov

Russia’s pair skater Alexander Smirnov, a partner of Yuko Kavaguti, suffered a serious knee injury competing at Panin Memorial event in St. Petersburg yesterday.

Tamara Moskvina, a coach of the duo, announced that in the near future, most likely today, the athlete will undergo a surgery and therefore the Russian pair will miss at least the first half of the season – the stages of ISU Grand Prix series, news agency Interfax reports.

“A participation of Kavaguti/Smirnov at the Grand Prix stages is canceled. Today or tomorrow Alexander will undergo a surgery. It’s hard to say anything definite at this moment” she said.

In turn, the president of the Federation of Figure Skating of Russia, Alexander Gorshkov said: “At the moment, doctors are making all possible to overcome the consequences of what happened and that Alexander could fully recover.”

“October 11 is his birthday and we wish him a speedy recovery, patience, and remain optimistic under any circumstances. I think that everyone who loves a pair of Yuko Kavaguti /Alexander Smirnov, who loves Russian figure skating, will join this wish. Sport is so – no one is safe from injury, although we all pray that nothing like this happens with athletes.” Gorshkov noted.

On behalf of our readers, World Figure Skating online magazine joins the wishes of a speedy recovery to Alexander.

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