Denis Ten to participate at Cup of China despite back pain

Denis Ten performs short at 2013 Worlds

2013 World silver medalist Denis Ten of Kazakhstan intends to participate at the Grand Prix stage Cup of China despite the pain in his back, reports

“Denis still has pain in his back but despite this he decided to perform in Beijing.” said the state coach of Kazakhstan Yuri Guskov.

According to Kazakh media, Ten missed the first Grand Prix stage of the season – Skate America 2013 –  just because of back problems. In addition, the athlete injured both ankles and eventually withdrew from the tournament.

However, his coach Frank Carroll told Icenetwork last weekend that Ten has been home in Kazakhstan since last week while battling an infection. According to the coach, Ten has had an infection that has resulted in black spots on both of his ankles and an infection in his jaw. Ten even had to have a tooth removed. Carroll also said a junior-level skater from Italy who trains at their rink in Los Angeles has suffered from a similar ailment.

Men’s event at the 2013 Cup of China will be also highlighted by participation of Japanese Takahiko Kozuka, Canadian Kevin Reynolds, France’s Florent Amodio, China’s Nan Song and Han Yan, and other strong skaters. The event will be held in Beijing from 1–3 November 2013.

Thanks to the silver medal, earned by Denis Ten at the 2013 World championships in Canada, Kazakhstan has two Olympic spots in men’s singles event. According to local media, the second skater, who will represent Kazakhstan at the Olympic Games in Sochi, is Abzal Rakimgaliev.

Photo: Zimbio

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