French media finds hidden motives in Joubert withdrawal

Brian Joubert

Yesterday it was announced that 2007 World Champion and a three-time European champion Brian Joubert of France will not take part at the 2013 Skate America, which will take place this week in Detroit, Michigan.

At the moment, there wasn’t made public any clear reason for the withdrawal of the French skater. However, the French media L’Equipe gives its version, which suggests that behind this decision is the president of the French Federation of Ice Sports Didier Gailhaguet.

The French edition assumes that Joubert was denied the opportunity to participate in the American stage of ISU Grand Prix series because he did not take part in the annual tournament French Masters in Orlean that was held at the beginning of this month.

Recall that Joubert withdrew from the 2013 French Masters several days prior to the event, stating that he needed additional training time in order to prepare for the season. As a result, according to French media, skating federation didn’t allow him to participate at Skate America.

In favor of the French journalists’ version says the fact that Didier Gailhaguet has refused to give any comments on this issue. In addition, local reporters say that in the past weekend Brian was in a good mood in anticipation of the first event of the Olympic season.

In mid-September Brian Joubert announced that he returns to cooperation with his long-time coach Veronique Guyon and will be preparing for the Olympics in Sochi on his favorite ice rink in Poitiers.

Joubert’s next scheduled Grand Prix event is 2013 Rostelecom Cup, which will be held in Moscow, Russia from November 22–24, 2013.

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