Ondrej Nepela Trophy warmly welcomes skaters

Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2013

The 21th edition of the annual event Ondrej Nepela Trophy starts today in Bratislava, Slovakia. The Slovak officials and organizers addressed with a welcoming message to participants and visitors.

“Dear friends of sport,

On behalf of the Slovak Figure Skating Association I would like to extend a warm welcome to everyone attending the 21st Ondrej Nepela Trophy in Bratislava.

Ondrej Nepela was the only gold Olympic medal winner in the history of figure skating in Slovakia. This competition is taking place in the Ice Rink bearing the name of Ondrej Nepela. It is a completely new stadium, but now stands on the site of the old stadium where he grew up and practiced.

You will compete in a competition which is probably for some of you the first one in this season. Strong people know how to create opportunities for themselves. I believe that every competitor will use to the maximum of their opportunities and make us witnesses to some of the top athletic and artistic performances.

I wish all the athletes the best of luck, and success in the pursuit of their daring goals. Have a nice time in Bratislava and enjoy the competition.

Good luck to everybody.”

Felicitas Babusikova,

President of the Slovak Figure Skating Association.

Dear guests and fans of figure skating,

The main magnet of the traditional event, which is organized by Slovak figure skating association together with the capital city, are figure skating personalities from around the world, that we are already looking forward to see.

I am glad that the competitors that have once participated, entered again. I am very happy that those competitors in their interviews mentioned how much they liked our city and the kindness of Bratislava inhabitants.

Bratislava and one of the most beautiful sporting disciplines – figure skating – without a doubt belong together. The achievements of the native sportsman Ondrej Nepela left plenty of long lasting memories in our minds. We have built a special bond with the beautiful sport connected with the depth of aesthetic feeling and experience.

Therefore, I am glad, that Slovakia has not forgotten its most successful figure skater and that in his honor the Slovak figure skating association annually organizes, today an important international competition, the Ondrej Nepela Trophy.

The city of Bratislava memorialized Ondrej Nepela by naming the city stadium – Zimny stadion Ondreja Nepelu / The Ondrej Nepela Stadium during the third annual Ondrej Nepela memorial in 1995.

I hope, that the newly rebuilt stadium will provide participants of the 21st Ondrej Nepela Trophy with exceptional conditions and that spectators will be able to fully enjoy this beautiful and attractive sport, which figure skating is. I wish you all beautiful time watching the Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2013.”

Milan Ftáčnik,

mayor of Bratislava, Slovakia capital.

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