Osmond plans to participate at Skate Canada

Kaetlyn Osmond competes at 2013 Worlds

2012 Skate Canada champion and reigning Canada’s national champion Kaetlyn Osmond announced her plans to compete at Canadian stage of Grand Prix series next week.

Recall that Osmond’s participation was in doubt because the athlete is still undergoing a rehabilitation period after an injury. However, today Canada’s hopeful announced that she intends to participate at home tournament and is excited about that.

“I just want to update you on how things are going. I’ve been back on the ice for three weeks now and my foot is healing well. I started off slowly and added my jumps back gradually. I’m now doing all my triples again and I did a clean short today (first one since my injury),” Osmond wrote on her official Facebook page.

“I’m not at 100% yet but I am really happy with the progress I’m making. I am so excited to compete again and I hope you will enjoy my performances at Skate Canada!” the skater added.

Last season, Kaetlyn Osmond won her first international title at 2012 Nebelhorn Trophy, showing an impressive skating. She then won her senior Grand Prix debut at the 2012 Skate Canada and went on to win her first senior national title at the 2013 Canadian Championships.

In this season’s Grand Prix series she is also assigned to 2013 Rostelecom Cup.

Photo: Kaetlyn Osmond’s supporters FB group

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