Anna Pogorilaya: “It will be very difficult to compete against such skaters as Asada and Lipnitskaia”

Anna Pogorilaya is performing her free skating

Russia’s Anna Pogorilaya, who took the bronze at 2013 Trophee Eric Bompard and secured her spot at the GP Final, admitted that she really had a troubled free skating performance in which she had to “save” a large number of elements.

Pogorilaya lost to her compatriot Adelina Sotnikova and American Ashley Wagner but thanks to a victory at the Cup of China, she qualified for the Grand Prix Final, which will be held in early December in Fukuoka, Japan.

“I rate my free skating performance as very expensive. I felt the pressure and bustle. My training session didn’t turn out well, as well as my warm-up. During free skating I had to “save” many jumping elements,” she said at a press conference.

“Because of all that, I spent a lot more efforts than is spent on the usual perfect jumps. It was very hard to skate the program until the very end with all the emotions. I even wanted to cry at the end and was breathing very heavily. All this has been hard to endure.” the athlete continued.

According to the Russian skater, at the moment she does not expect to take high place in the Grand Prix Final.

“I’m glad that I will participate at the Grand Prix Final in my debut season. However, I rate my chances there as very modest. It’s very difficult to compete against such skaters as Mao Asada and Julia Lipnitskaia. I even have no words to describe how difficult it is.” Pogorilaya noted.

Interesting fact.

With only their home Grand Prix event to go, Russian ladies got medals at every GP event in this season:

Julia Lipnitskaia (gold – 2013 Skate Canada; may earn one more at 2013 Rostelecom Cup),

Anna Pogorilaya (gold – 2013 Cup of China; bronze – 2013 Trophée Eric Bompard),

Adelina Sotnikova (silver – 2013 Cup of China and 2013 Trophée Eric Bompard),

Elena Radionova (bronze – 2013 Skate America; silver – 2013 NHK Trophy).

Photo: Gon Chai Hin

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