Graceful Alissa Czisny withdraws from Midwestern Sectionals

Alissa Czisny

As it became known last night, a two-time U.S. national champion and 2010 Grand Prix Final champion Alissa Czisny has withdrawn from the 2014 Midwestern Sectional Championships.

The skater will not compete for the remainder of this season.

“It’s a tough decision for me not to compete at sectionals this week. I’ve given my very best to make a full recovery and a successful comeback to competition, but I’m simply not yet completely prepared to be competitive. I’ve made great progress, and all the elements are returning, but it’s been slow and I cannot rush the process without risking further injury.” US Figure Skating quotes the athlete.

“I’m so thankful for everyone who has supported me on this journey, and especially to those people who have been there every step of the way. It breaks my heart that I will not be competing this season. As for the future, I’m still uncertain what that holds for me. Skating has been a passion for me, and I definitely want to continue skating through performing in shows.” Alissa added.

This fragile-looking girl had to endure a lot of very different emotions in the last season and throughout the career. But despite all the obstacles, difficulties and often undeserved or excessive criticism, she continues, and we can be sure she will continue, to do what she likes the most – to skate. In what form it will be, now depends on many different factors.

Last year, Alissa got just one Grand Prix assignment – NHK Trophy – but withdrew so she could continue to recover from hip surgery, which she underwent at the beginning of summer 2012.

The American skater had hoped to participate at the 2013 U.S. Nationals in Omaha but just before the championships, at a small, non-qualifying competition in Wisconsin, she dislocated her left hip when she fell on a triple flip.

Alissa was taken to the local hospital, where her hip was moved back into alignment, but the competitive skating year was over for her. As we know now, this season is also over for the 26-year-old.

In spite of all, Alissa remains to be a figure skater and person, which is loved by many throughout the world. Skating fans can be sure that thanks to her inner strength, Alissa will successfully cope with any obstacles. Ups and downs are an integral part of everyone’s life and the ability to cope with them can be equated to the art.

Photo: Michael Kass

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