Julia Lipnitskaia: “Do not congratulate me on the victory”

Julia Lipnitskaia is performing her short program at Grand Prix event

By Vladislav Luchianov

Russia’s Julia Lipnitskaia, who won the gold at 2013 Rostelecom Cup and reached her first Grand Prix Final with a 100% result (two wins out of two possible), is very strict to her free skating performance in Moscow.

When reporters began to congratulate her, she was very self-critical saying: “Do not congratulate me. There is nothing to congratulate”. Answering to the question “Why?” she said that prefers to win with a clean performance and this one was the worst in her life.

Julia can be understood as after her outstanding short program, for which she received 72.24 points – the third highest score ever for the short program – the 15-year-old Russian really wanted to perform at the same level her long program, repeating the triumph at Skate Canada.

But sport is a sport and anything can happen there. Nevertheless, such critical words from such a young girl deserve a special respect. It shows how seriously Julia takes figure skating and confirms the fact that the unsuccessful free skating was an exception.

At a press conference Lipnitskaia said that unsuccessful combo at the beginning was the main reason that her free skating program not turned out clean. And in an interview with the Russian edition Sovsport skater admitted that once, at a training session, things went even worse.

“Once, during my workout, I spoiled two cascades in a row, get into a fuss, dropped everything and went to the corner to cry. Then I took myself in hand, came back and skated the program again. But you can’t repeat the program at a competition. So I deprived myself of precious experience on how to act in a crisis situations and how to perform after failures.” Julia confessed.

Nevertheless, the young skater noted that at Rostelecom Cup she was able to come to herself and continue to fight.

“Fortunately I came to my senses, simplified cascade to 3-2 and this has led me to normal. Now it is difficult to evaluate all of this. But my coach and I will discuss this case and decide how to act if there are unpleasant surprises.” Lipnitskaia noted.

Julia Lipnitskaia reached her first Grand Prix Final. Thanks to her victory in Moscow, she also takes with herself to Fukuoka another young talent Elena Radionova. Thus in the Final will compete four Russian ladies: Lipnitskaia, Sotnikova, Pogorilaya and Radionova. They will face there American Ashley Wagner and a two-time World champion Mao Asada of Japan.

Julia Lipnitskaia is performing her free skating program at Grand Prix event

In continuation of this article about Julia, I would like to tell some details about her programs and their creation. The point is that both programs Julia chose by herself and a work on choreography took place at late night.

Both programs – SP for You Don’t Give Up on Love by Mark Minkov and FS for Schindler’s List by John Williams – were choreographed by 2002 Olympic silver medalist Ilia Averbukh. He is extremely talented choreographer but he’s also a very busy man since he’s taking part in various ice shows, including the television show Ice Age at the Channel One. So he found a time for the work on Julia’s programs only at late night.

According to Julia herself, the work on the short program was completed at three o’clock and choreography to her free skating was finished at six o’clock in the morning. Now, when the season is gaining momentum, we can confidently say that it was worth it.

I think very few people expected to see Julia in such lyrical and tragic images. Meanwhile, both programs are not only very suitable for this girl but she also truly puts them in her mind, heart and soul.

We all know very well a theme of Schindler’s List, whereas You Don’t Give Up on Love is still little known for the non-Russian audience.

Its creator, Mark Minkov, was a Soviet/Russian music composer. His works are featured in a number of operas, ballets, stage performances and films. In the late 70s Minkov suggested his song You Don’t Give Up on Love to a famous Russian singer Alla Pugacheva. After her performance, the song became very popular and remains one of the most famous compositions in Russia and post-USSR countries. The lyrics of the song was written by a poet Veronika Tushnova.

Julia Lipnitskaia You Don't Give Up on Love

Unfortunately, at the moment there is no universally recognized English translation of the lyrics of this song. However, I found one of the most appropriate versions written by Evgenia Sarkisyants, whose work I cite here to our international audience. Hope, that after reading it you will even more fully understand the images that Julia Lipnitskaia shows us during her short program.

At the end of the lyrics there is a video, in which you can listen to this beautiful song in the original performance. Enjoy it and never give up on people you love or things you care about!

You Don’t Give Up on Love 

When loving someone, don’t disown,

For life won’t end tomorrow morning.

I’ll stop awaiting you, alone,

And you’ll arrive without a warning.


And you’ll arrive to blizzard song

When nighttime brings the snowy welter,

When you remember just how long

We haven’t warmed each other’s shelter. 


And you’ll so want that warmth of mine,

Warmth you once didn’t find alluring –

Three-person long, the phone booth line

Will seem too much for your enduring.


Damn time will crawl much like a snail

No matter what – the tram, the railway …

And sweeping snow will hide the trail

At distant edges of the gateway …


The rustling book, the ticking clock

Will fill my time, not fast, nor funny,

Just when my door will feel your knock,

Your heart still pounding from the running.


For this, there’s nothing I won’t do.

And so intense is my believing

That I can’t help but wait for you

All day, by doorway, never leaving.


Не отрекаются любя. Алла Пугачева / Alla Pugacheva

Photo: Zimbio

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