Originality is not only “Je suis malade” style for Weaver, Poje

Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje with their coach Anjelika Krylova

Canadian ice dance duo of Kaitlyn Weaver and Andrew Poje won the free dance and silver medal overall at 2013 Rostelecom Cup, getting big ovation after more than just emotional dance to the tango music.

Weaver/Poje turned in their free dance program to “Maria de Buenos Aires” and picked up a level four for five elements and a level three for the other three to score 101.64 points. They accumulated 168.32 points overall.

“Andrew and I are very pleased. It was a personal best skate for us, not a personal best score, but we are very happy that we came back strong and fought today. We are happy that the audience felt we skated the best today. The support was incredible, that helped us to perform very well.” Weaver said at a press conference.

Anjelika Krylova, a coach of Weaver/Poje, told Sports.ru about the creation of their new free dance program.

“This season many expected from Kaitlyn and Andrew something like “Je suis malade”, a program of 2011/12 season, but we took something else because changes are necessary and we need to experiment. Of course, in the Olympic season it’s always a little scary to make experiments but we decided to take a risk.” 1998 Olympic silver medalist said.

The coach is happy with how the public accepted the new program of the Canadian duo.

“This dance is very suitable to them, and we also got good reviews from judges. The guys already had a very good dance to tango a few years ago, in which they looked wonderful. Public opinion is very important,” Krylova noted.

The coach believes that a team can not always skate just classics or something like that, because there is no development in the couple then.

“Furthermore, we want to be different from other couples. It was clear that Russians will skate to the classics, Americans to musicals and the French will make circus or something in this style, so we have a tango.” Krylova added.

Photo: ArtOnIce

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