Russian ladies aim for Grand Prix Final

Adelina Sotnikova

The fifth stage of ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating, Trophée Eric Bompard, kicks off today in the French capital.

This tournament has a key importance for skaters in the struggle for places in the Grand Prix Final.

It is also very important for Russians Anna Pogorilaya and Adelina Sotnikova. In case of successful performances in Paris, they can book a place at the final event in Fukuoka, Japan.

A well-known Russian journalist Andrey Simonenko is analyzing and evaluating prospects of Russian ladies in his column at R-Sport.

“Anna Pogorilaya sensationally won her first career Grand Prix event in Beijing two weeks ago. Now any place at the podium in Paris will secure her spot at the GP Final. Adelina Sotnikova also competed in the Chinese capital and took the second place there.

Parisian gold or silver will be enough for Sotnikova for a one hundred percent winning tickets to Fukuoka, where there will be the culmination of the Grand Prix series. A bronze also leaves chances to her but then it will be needed to calculate scores.

A state of things, which would be good for both Pogorilaya and Sotnikova, is real. From very serious rivals for the Russians at the Trophée Eric Bompard can be distinguished just American Ashley Wagner. It is very possible to win quietly against other rivals.

In the case of Wagner, a lot will depend on how the judges would react to her manner to regularly underrotate jumps.”

From editorial board of WFS, we also would like to draw your attention to another American skater, Christina Gao, who shows a very significant progress this season. Christina is remarkable not only by a good technique, which she improved a lot since last year, but she’s also notable by just wonderful artistic, choreographic and musical aspects of her programs.

Photo: Zimbio

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