Sotnikova proves she can stay ahead of most titled rivals

Adelina Sotnikova is performing short program at 2013 Cup of China

Today kicked off the third stage of ISU Grand Prix series – 2013 Cup of China. 2013 European silver medalist Adelina Sotnikova of Russia has won the short program with 66.03 points.

She is ahead of 2012 World champion Carolina Kostner of Italy by 3.28 points. Het teammate Anna Pogorilaya finished third with 60.24 points.

“I’m satisfied with my today’s performance,” Sotnikova said Team-Russia 2014. “I liked everything I did but I still have to work on my cascade (smiles). But everything else was good!” she continued.

Russian skater noted that in trainings not all was going smoothly.

“All jumps turned out very well, except Rittberger (a loop jump; in her short program Adelina performed triple Lutz-triple loop combo). I was a little bit nervous before the start but then decided that you never know how things will turn out. There is nothing to worry about if something didn’t work well on trainings. You just need to go out and skate!”

“When I came out on the short program, I thought: “I can do this cascade with closed eyes, so why not to do it today? Just go out and do.” I’m glad that everything turned out well. Hope tomorrow, in the long program, I will do it even better!” Sotnikova noted.

Russian skater is also hoping that she will remain in first place.

“I’m glad that judges put me above Carolina – this is a defined sign that I really can win over titled rivals. I just needed to prove that I’m able to stay ahead of Carolina Kostner and other (titled) athletes.” 17-year-old said.

Despite the joy of victory in the short program, Adelina is going to prepare pretty seriously for her free skate.

“I think today should be forgotten, just like a dream – if you will rejoice for a long time, then you relax and do nothing at all. It’s not a good idea. You just want to erase the memory of today and tomorrow go back to the short program but instead of it skate the long one (smiles).” Sotnikova added.

Photo: Kim Kyung-Hoon

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