“Concert on Ice” celebrated its 25th anniversary

Jeffrey Buttle

By Olga Fluegge

The best German Ice Show “Concert on Ice” celebrated its 25th anniversary last Sunday in the city of Ingolstadt. The event was hosted by Spotlight Production.

Like every year, the “Saturn Arena”, which has a capacity of 3000 seats, was filled with spectators. Chris Thompson and Markus Engelstadter, true all-round talents of the music scene, sang on the stage to the accompaniment of Lumberjack Big Band.

Despite the fact that many competitive skaters from Europe and overseas had a busy weekend, competing or preparing for their national championships, the cast was great.

2008 World Champion Jeffrey Buttle of Canada was one of the headliners of this show. The experienced performer charmed the audience with well-known exhibition performances “Halleluhja” and “Sunglasses in the night”. The other Canadian, a two-time national bronze medalist Shawn Sawyer, skated for first time in Ingolstadt and became a favorite of the crowd, performing an acrobatic exhibition to “Alegria” and very powerful and expressive “Feeling good”.

Shawn Sawyer

Shawn Sawyer

Before Sawyer had started to skate at the age of 9, he did gymnastics, retaining a passion for acrobatics for the whole life. Together the two Canadians played by percussion instruments a fast-paced improvisation, showing an intricate foot and edge work.

The 11-time British champion Jenna McCorkell, skating to the song “Someone like you” by Adele, showed a very good shape in front of coming European Championships. The same goes for her husband, a two-time European bronze medalist Kevin van der Perren, who is not competing anymore but still does his signature move – a triple-triple-triple combination.

It is always a pleasure to watch a graceful way of skating by Fleur Maxwell, a Luxembourgian figure skater.

Fleur Maxwell

Fleur Maxwell

Traditionally the Spotlight Production invites to “Concert on Ice” young skaters to make them more public. This year there were a 2011 Russian bronze medalists in pair skating Anastasia Martiusheva and Alexei Rogonov, whose performances have been accepted very warm.

Concert on Ice

Concert on Ice, final ceremony

Among other participants of the show were Elena Leonova/Andrei Khvalko, Vladimir Besedin/Alexei Polishchuk, Lorenza Alessandrini/Simone Vaturi, Violetta Afanasieva, Victoria Zhuovtsova and young skaters from the local figure skating club.

Photos: Olga Fluegge

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