Tuktamysheva hopes to get spot for European champs

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva

Last week, the reigning Russian champion Elizaveta Tuktamysheva won a bronze at the 2013 Golden Spin in Zagreb, Croatia, where have excelled Olympic champion Yuna Kim and a two-time World champion Miki Ando  – first and second places respectively.

The next start of the Russian skater will be the national championship in Sochi. Elizaveta shared her thoughts on her trainings, on the reasons of unsuccessful start of this season and on plans for the near future.

“My preparation is going well,” Tuktamysheva said the official website of the Russian skating federation. “Now I’m in a good shape. The main thing is to keep this form and perform worthy at the nationals. If I perform clean both my programs in Sochi (note: Russian championships will be held in Olympic Sochi), then I’ll have a chance to qualify for the European Championships, which will be held in January in Budapest. I really want this.” she admitted.

“We will not change anything in my programs; will leave everything as is. I think I’m capable to skate them with all the complex elements.” Russian champion continued.

Grand Prix stages showed that Liza’s “short program complex” remains. Earlier she said that the problem lies in the field of psychology. However, the skater sees positive changes on this issue.

“Indeed, in the past and this season I often skated bad my short program and then tried to “pull” myself up in a free skating. It was on the stages of the Grand Prix and in pre-season competitions.”

“In Zagreb I skated well. Although I still failed the cascade and I’ve gained not the desired points. At the moment this is not the skating that would allow me to feel equal in the company of strongest. In trainings I do everything but for now I can’t “transfer” it into my performances at competitions. However, there is a progress with each new start and my coaches see it.” Tuktamysheva said.

Elizaveta believes that every person during the life is going through some transitional periods, when many things around you are changing.

“When you’re a kid, you do not really realize what’s going on with you. There is no strong responsibility at competitions. And when you do not think about it, it is easier to perform. You just skate for yourself. But the older you get, the more you begin to think about what you’re doing, for whom and why… There are different thoughts and sometimes at the wrong time. But sooner or later it had to happen. You just have to survive this time and understand yourself.” Elizaveta noted.

Tuktamysheva also emphasized that back problems, which disturbed her during the Grand Prix series, are resolved.

“Now all is well. The back does not bother me anymore. I can train in full swing.” she added.

Photo: Voice of Russia

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