Jeremy Abbott: Failure was necessary for me

Jeremy Abbott at Sochi Team Event

A four-time US national champion Jeremy Abbott believes that his unsuccessful performance at the Team Event at the Sochi Olympics was necessary to prepare for the individual competitions.

Recall, that on Sunday’s event American team won bronze medals. Abbott performed at the men’s short program and finished seventh overall.

He seemed to be carrying a heavy burden in his initial foray in the 2014 Sochi Olympics when he took the ice for the men’s short program in the team figure skating event Feb. 6. He fell during his program and seemed to lose confidence as a result.

When the judges gave him a score of 65.65 for his performance, he buried his face in his hands as if he was wondering what else could go wrong.

However, given some time to compose himself before he met the press, Abbott came to grips with his performance and appeared ready to put it behind him. He had been performing quite well in practice prior to that short program, and he realizes that nothing is written in stone and he does not have to struggle the rest of the way.

“The short program was unsuccessful for me but I think this is what I needed. However, I am very upset that let my team down,” R-Sport news agency quotes Abbott.

“After that failure I changed my schedule. The organizational part is the most important thing to me. On Thursday and Friday I will try to have everything in order. When you go on the ice, you have to be assembled and you should not have extra thoughts in the head.” he added.

Photo: Yahoo News

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