Lipnitskaia gets personal star for her Schindler’s List

Julia Lipnitskaia at team event in Sochi Olympics

By Eleonora Groisman

A star “The Girl in red coat” shines in the sky for Julia Lipnitskaia. 15-year-old figure skater Julia Lipnitskaia won the hearts of audiences around the world.

Her performances at the Sochi Olympics impressed judges by skills, great technique, performance, soulfulness and sincerity.

There is something artificial in the word “artistry” but Julia showed naturalness and youthful maximalism that is peculiar only to teenagers. She can do what the older and more experienced skaters can’t. Her Olympic gold medal in Sochi not only became a part of sports history but it has entered into the hearts of people.

This young skater presented an aesthetic pleasure to sporting fans. But other than that, the performance of Julia Lipnitskaia has contributed much to the preserving the memory of the Holocaust and her contribution was much larger than the activities of many Jewish and non-Jewish public organizations. Lipnitskaia managed to revive the memory of the Jewish tragedy, even in the hearts of those who was not a direct participant or witness to the tragic events.

Her “Girl in red coat” from Schindler’s List came to life in front of an audience and spectators from around the world in soulful ice skating. Do you remember the Schindler’s List movie? It’s black and white (except the girl – editor’s note). Very often the same look have yearly events held in memory of Holocaust victims.

When in the film appears a little girl in a red coat, then the mind of Oskar Schindler changes. A faceless mass of Jewish people, being shot in the ghetto, turns in the heart of Schindler to the real people who lived, had families, raised their children and dreamed about the future.

At the Olympic Games there are medals only for sporting successes. There aren’t awards for the contribution for keeping the memory of the Holocaust victims, unfortunately.

In this regard, the public organization “Ukrainian Independent Council of Jewish Women” has decided to name a star as «The Girl in red coat» and present it to the Olympic champion Julia Lipnitskaia.

Certificate of Julia Lipnitskaia star

Julia Lipnitskaia showed the world today, after more than 70 years after the terrible tragedy of the Jewish people, the girl in a red coat of “Schindler’s List”, an Oscar-winning movie by Steven Spielberg. This girl changed the life of Oskar Schindler, she melted his heart and she healed him from indifference, a terrible disease of mankind.

Oskar Schindler saved from death more people than anyone in the history of that war. Julia demonstrated to the world not only the highest sportsmanship. For her human feat she deserves the title of Righteous Among the Nations. But we can’t give it to her. So we (Ukrainian Independent Council of Jewish Women) decided to name a star «The Girl in red coat» and present it to Julia Lipnitskaia.

Coordinates of Lipnitskaia star

This bright star will belong to Julia and all people. It will shine every day and remind humanity about the girl in the red coat and about the horrors of the Holocaust, which must not be repeated in any form anywhere on our planet.

Photo: Zimbio

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