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Meryl Davis and Charlie White at Sochi Olympics

By Vladislav Luchianov

It’s no secret that among readers of our World Figure Skating online magazine there are many fans of the American skaters.

Today I will tell supporters of Team USA about a very interesting project of AT&T that is aimed towards supporting Team USA at the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi.

Figure skating, like any other sport, requires from truly Olympic athletes such qualities as determination, perseverance, devotion to his or her favorite activity, the relentless pursuit of the sporting goal and complete dedication to it.

But there is another distinctive feature of figure skating, which is related to the fact that sometimes it’s not enough to have only the above qualities for a great success. Why so? Just because the modern figure skating is also quite an expensive sport. Equipment, ice time, coaches and choreographers, musical design of programs, etc. are not cheap.

Thus, the skaters and their parents often show miracles of self-sacrificingness, sometimes working at two or three additional jobs for the main goal. But it is here can be seen true love for this sport. All this just like in our particular life: if you’re not ready to sacrifice something for the sake of a loved one, then it is not true love.

That’s why all, without exception, American skaters publicly said thankful speeches to their parents before they went to the Olympics in Sochi. Through listening to such speeches or reading thankful articles, you begin to understand what a true American character is, in which the desire to give thanks is an integral part of every athlete.

I am also sure that skaters, who these days are fighting for the top places and medals, deserve to be supported by their fellow citizens and those who are simply fans of the Team USA athletes.

Charlie White and Meryl Davis

For the 2010 Vancouver Olympic silver medalists and one of main contenders for the gold in Sochi Meryl Davis and Charlie White it means a lot to represent the United States at the highest international level.

“My favorite memory from the 2010 Games was walking into the arena for the Opening Ceremonies,” Davis said. “Not only was it an experience I’d built-up in my head for years, but we (all of the athletes) were gathered backstage for hours before entering the arena. Because the countries are announced alphabetically, there was a lot of build-up before the US Team was finally announced. The experience absolutely surpassed my expectations. Wearing our team uniforms, waving the American Flag…what a feeling of pride.” she added.

“Standing on the Podium at the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver was beyond surreal. It was such an honor to be there representing our country.” Charlie White noted.

AT&T, a Proud Partner of the U.S. Olympic Team and Paralympic Team at the 2014 Sochi Olympic Winter Games, is offering you a unique chance to be a part of the American team through showing your great support to its athletes!

By downloading the #ItsOurTime app, people all over the United States can show their support by recording themselves shouting the iconic “USA!” chant and help drive Team USA to high places and medals in Sochi. The chants will be shared with the Team USA athletes prior to their competition to serve as an additional encouragement before they compete!

ItsOurTime logo

Now is the time to act and show your real support to your country’s skaters!

Download the free app, log in using Twitter (the easiest way) or Facebook, follow the steps on how to record, then share your video on social and tag @worldskating when sharing or include your link below in the comments. Don’t forget to include #ItsOurTime hashtag to your posts in social media!

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