Joubert doesn’t understand what’s going on in figure skating as well as many others

Brian Joubert at training

By editorial staff

French figure skater Brian Joubert, who is participating these days at the Alexei Mishin’s ice show, said that he does not understand what’s going on in the present figure skating.

“I think that after the short program (at Sochi Olympics) I could be in the top three and my free skating was also not bad,” Joubert told “I just do not understand everything that is going on in present figure skating. “ he continued.

“Yuzuru Hanyu is a good skater as well as Patrick Chan but they made so many mistakes … And despite this, they got very high marks. I really do not understand what’s going on, like many other people, especially in France. I feel such a great sadness for the future of our sport.” French skater confessed.

In the future, the famous skater is going to try his hand at the coaching field.

“I think in the future I will be a coach but it will not happen earlier than after few years.”

Many people understand Brian’s sadness and his desire to take a break before coaching career. Sochi Olympics left a lot more questions than answers. Joubert mentioned men’s single skating in Sochi but we have to note the main “highlight” of the Games – very controversial results in ladies skating, which caused a flurry of criticism to the ISU and IOC.

People, who devotedly loved figure skating for many years, are in the state of extreme pessimism. Initial anger and demand a fair investigation of results in the Olympic ladies event gradually were replaced by apathy.

And people are absolutely right! Millions from the figure skating community signed petitions of protest to ISU – no result; people directly appeal to the ISU leadership – no result; people ask questions on the official ISU Facebook page – no result. Instead of clear answers, people got ban for their questions and comments.

Such a policy of organization, which by its idea not only should but must be open and transparent, says that figure skating suffers quite strong disease. All this is reminiscent of an authoritarian country where all dissent is suppressed.

It is natural that when such organizations, in close cooperation with some local “friendly” skating federations, arranges another big “masquerade”, the interest in this sport is rapidly going downhill. Interesting fact – most athletes prefer to avoid criticism just because they do not want problems.

But when only fear supports the preservation of the current status quo and impedes the implementation of the necessary reforms, it is hardly to expect that figure skating will be perceived as a serious sport. It is more like a private VIP club with their dark rules that almost everyone knows, do not like, but continue to follow them anyway.

That’s why many fans stop attending the competitions (why go and pay a lot of money if all is decided in advance?), that is why parents now will think a hundred times before cheer their child for skating classes and finally, that is why so many journalists are losing interest in this sport . By the way, media creates up to 80% of a sport image. All this is very sad.

The news recently published in The Wire online edition added fuel to the fire. Recall that as it became known, the IOC printed fake quotes of Korean Yuna Kim praising Russia’s Adelina Sotnikova. The fabricated quotes appear on a story (without a byline) published on the official Olympic website, and refer to Kim as a gracious and accepting loser.

IOC fake quote

A screenshot from a Google cache version of the IOC website with a false quote

If you look at how the IOC article appears now, the quotes are gone. But there’s no correction or reference of an update. The quotes the IOC used were caught by Kim and her agent. “We confirmed IOC’s article. It’s not what Yuna Kim have said. We are working on it to handle this.” an official of Kim’s agency told the Chosun Ilbo news outlet. And Kim’s agency’s response and demand for the article to be changed has been catching fire in South Korea.

This story shows that the IOC is in very excellent relations with the ISU and do not hesitate to use even primitive means to promote the “results” of their mutual cooperation.

Several years ago in the world of football took place a scandal related with unfair choice of host countries for the FIFA World Cup. Thanks to the investigations, conducted by the British journalists with the assistance of official structures, dirty games became known and FIFA had to take action.

Recently, we all watched significant changes in the political life of Ukraine. The country got rid of the dictatorship. From the very beginning the country’s course was chosen to a full transparency, beginning with one main thing – in Ukrainian it calls Повне перезавантаження влади – a full “reboot” of all authority.

It is very possible that figure skating also needs something like that.

Photo: Alexandra Ilina

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