Nathalie and Fabian: A love story

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat at Sochi Olympics

By Alexandra Ilina

Foxtrot, Quickstep, Charleston…Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat perfectly shared with us the indescribable atmosphere of Moulin Rouge with every step, every sigh and every other movement.

The Olympic short dance of Natalie and Fabian invites us to meet famous dame and her gentleman. “La femme fatale” and her eternal “histoire d’amour”. The magic game of love on the ice stage.

With their appearance all the rest lost its importance. It is no matter if the twizzles are accurate and synchronic – we cannot follow every step – which is a priori verified and synchronous as if it were arrows of a mechanical watch. We cannot think about points and technique, as well as about transitions anymore, because we are witnesses of a great imperishable love story and no matter where and when it happens – either in France or in America, today or yesterday, in the 21st Century or 100 years ago…

Nathalie and Fabian are known for their extravagant images, for their interesting stories, which are painted with the blades on ice. Their costumes are individual masterpieces, sometimes shocking, sometimes perplexing but always beautiful and original.

Even her dress for the short dance had a lot of transformations in this season. After the French Masters in Orlean, Natalie and Fabian were confronted with a mass of criticism about the frivolity of her dress. How could she dare to be wearing such a dress on the ice? It is vulgar. It is offensive, rude and improper. Stockings? Garters? It is too much. This is what the critics said. But why not?

Nathalie Pechalat and Fabian Bourzat performing a program

Later she put away the stockings and made her dress a little bit more closed. In Sochi she put on a brand new dress and appeared as a lady in red. So did Fabian. He is no more wearing a vest, but a formal costume. The dance itself was improved and modified. That’s why Nathalie and Fabian missed the last European Championships, where they had great chances to become champions. We know – nothing ventured, nothing gained. No risk – no fun. No risk – no champagne.

But let’s get back on ice in Sochi. The outrageous night cabaret actress and her partner turned into an innocent flower and we watched the beautiful love story of a rose and her prince. Or it is better to say the little prince and his rose. From Parisian “demi-monde” to diamonds, sparking and representing a new story – very subtle, clean, sincerely, heartbreaking and genuinely- the story of a little prince. Their free dance looks like thin gossamer woven from something magical. These were other images, other dance but the same beauty on ice represented by Natalie and Fabian.

It was not easy for them in this Olympic cycle. Being away from beloved home is not an easy task. During the last Olympic cycle they changed a lot of coaches: Alexander Zhulin , Pasquale Camerlengo and finally, Igor Shpilband . And each of them contributed much to their road to mastery.

Pechalat Bourzat at performance

In Sochi, Nathalie and Fabian did everything to win an Olympic medal and skated like never in their life. They took the risk but others were drinking champagne. Judges made their decision. Somebody will agree with it, somebody not. Later after skating Natalie and Fabian spoke about choosing the wrong discipline, about the subjectivity of judges and about other things.

A day later they skated in gala to “Time of my life” from “Dirty dancing” movie. Yes, it is dirty dancing but may be the most spectacular and pretty discipline in figure skating.

“Fabian and I didn’t feel rewarded enough for what we had done and brought to ice dancing… This is wrong, it may be nothing we can count as medal, as points, but we have experienced many emotions and got rewarded with your love, kindness, happiness, tears and smiles. Thank you so much! You are our judges, and we bow you out”, Natalie wrote on her Facebook page.

Exactly, they have already conquered the hearts of the fans of figure skating around the world: the Rose and the little prince, a courtesan and her lover, a doctor and his dead girl, an Egyptian mummy and circus actors. There are a lot of images Natalie and Fabian presented to us on the ice. They are real ARTISTS, who won the Olympic podium … of hearts.

Pechalat Bourzat on ice

We don’t say “Adieu” to Natalie and Fabian but “Au revoir”, and we definitely will be waiting for them at many gala exhibitions or maybe even at the coming World Champs. The French skating federation announced them as members of the national team. Anyway, will see;)

Photo: By Alexandra Ilina,

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