American top skating official reacts on Cinquanta’s “proposals”

Patricia St. Peter

It seems that the U.S. Figure Skating is currently the only skating federation, which has decided to respond to public outrage in connection with recent news about ISU proposals, albeit with a delay.

The president of U.S. Figure Skating Patricia St. Peter provided information on international skating scene activities by its officials, Peter Murray, the editor of Blazing Blades website, reported on his Facebook.

Recall that on March 25, 2014 Chicago Tribune published an article that included a release of ISU president Ottavio Cinquanta’s internal email with new proposals he sent to all ISU Committee and Member voting representatives in advance of the June 2014 ISU Congress.

These proposals, especially the one that offers elimination of the short program from figure skating competitions, caused a big outrage in the skating community and numerous petitions of protest, including the demand for immediate resignation of ISU president.

“Some ask why U.S. Figure Skating has not made a public statement against president Cinquanta’s “proposal” and criticize U.S. Figure Skating for its “silence.” We have not issued a public statement opposing President Cinquanta’s “proposal” because there is no proposal to eliminate the short program that has been submitted for vote at the next ISU Congress.” St. Peter said.

“We have confirmed with the ISU that what has been labeled as the ISU President’s “proposal” to eliminate the short program was a statement he made in an internal email he sent to all ISU officeholders to elicit their opinions on a variety of topics.

The statements in the ISU President’s email were his personal opinions, and he was seeking comment on them from ISU officeholders. Please be assured that if a proposal to eliminate the short program had been submitted for the 2014 Congress agenda, U.S. Figure Skating would have strongly and vigorously advocated against it.” the U.S. Figure Skating president added.

Patricia St. Peter also noted that U.S. Figure Skating, along with Russia and Greece, submitted proposals for ISU Congress to eliminate the anonymity of the judges’ scores at ISU Championship events and the Olympic Winter Games.

According to her, USFSA is working with other figure skating members to pass this proposal. “It is critical that it is passed for the betterment of the sport and its image. Passage of the proposal will need a two-thirds majority vote of the figure skating members.” the U.S. Figure Skating officeholder admitted.

Photo: USFSA

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