Lance Vipond works hard to keep creative way in skating

Lance Vipond

By Vladislav Luchianov

What is 100% successful investing in your vision? If your first thought was about the New York Stock Exchange, then you are mistaken.

Of course, a Wall Street guy in expensive suit can bring you some amount of profit from time to time but at the same time the risk of losing is always higher-)

A 100% reward can bring you only one type of investing – a complete feeling and being in the present moment, in what’s happening in life or, as in our case, on ice right now.

This concept is one of the basic for the talented but still not very known around the world Canadian choreographer Lance Vipond. A former national and international competitor himself, Vipond is currently work with such skaters as Canadian national champion Kaetlyn Osmond and a four-time Canadian national bronze medalists in pair skating Paige Lawrence and Rudi Swiegers.

Vipond is sure that a lot of very special performances go under marked and underestimated because of excessive focus on points, levels, GOE’s and so on. This specialist, who studied music and theatre in the United Kingdom, tries through his works to make you feel real emotions, mood and feelings.

He thinks that present choreography has become more about packing as much choreographic content as you can in order to adequately fulfill the requirements of the component marks. He finds it to be more mathematical and more rigid.

However, Lance tries to make his choreographic works as unique and creative as possible but it is a big challenge.

Canadian choreographer also offers his vision of necessary changes that figure skating needs to have happen.

“I think in order to keep figure skating alive and thriving we need to encourage skaters to break out of the boxes that we’ve expected them to exist in for so many generations now and to let them show us who they really are.” he told me in an interview for Icenetwork.

We also talked with him about other important issues, so I invite you to read full interview with the Canadian specialist on Icenetwork >>>

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