Elena Glebova finished competitive career

Elena Glebova competes at the Sochi Olympics

The strongest Estonian figure skater of the decade Elena Glebova decided to finish her career as an athlete.

“This past season was the last one in my competitive career, as I planned. I was in the sport of figure skating for twenty years and now it is time to draw the final line,” she said Delfi news agency.

“I am very grateful to my parents who gave me an opportunity to be a part of such wonderful kind of sport. I want to thank all coaches and specialists who helped me. I hope my experience will help me in my work with the next generation of young skaters.” Elena noted.

Elena Glebova is a participant of three Olympic Games. She’s also a seven-time national champion. At the 2014 European Championships in Budapest the skater took 7th place, which is the highest achievement for the Estonian figure skating.

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The 24-year-old was born and grew up in Estonia, yet his father is Russian and her mother is of Finnish descent. He drifted into skating because of his brother Ilia, who was often sick as a child: he was suggested to take up a winter sport to get stronger and their mother being a big fan of figure skating took him to the ice rink.

Once Elena accompanied them to training and fell in love with the artistic sport immediately. She was impressed by flying on ice. At the age of ten she landed her first double Axel but she felt it was the cause that she became a professional figure skater.

One day in 2001 she walked into a supermarket and bumped into Anna Levandi, 1984 World Championship silver medalist and figure skating coach, wife of an Estonian nordic combined skier Allar Levandi. Elena, being only 12, stood in front of her bravely and asked if she would be the coach of her.

She found the little girl good enough on the trial training. “Anna is one of the best gifts life has given me. If she hadn’t married Allar Levandi there wouldn’t be a figure skater Elena Glebova.” the skated told the official website of 2014 Euros earlier this year.

Recently Elena successfully worked with children’s skating group in New Jersey and now she’s aiming to do the same in Estonia. She is also preparing to defend her diploma at the Tallinn University, which will be held in early June.

Elena Glebova with her little students

Besides figure skating she is also interested in fashion. She wanted to become a fashion designer but finally decided to study choreography instead. She did not regret it and says she would have never become a new Giorgio Armani, but her dance classes help her a lot with figure skating.

Speaking perfectly Estonian and Russian, she is also studying French now and improving her English as well.

By the way, Elena Glebova is an active member of the Tallinn City Council.

Photo: Delfi, Elena Glebova’s website

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