Moscovitch teams up with Iliushechkina

Lubov Iliushechkina and Dylan Moscovitch

2014 Olympic team event silver medalist Dylan Moscovitch has found a new partner. Last week, a Canadian news source The Hamilton Spectator stated that Moscovitch and Russia’s Lubov Iliushechkina had decided to form a partnership.

The new team will be coached by Lee Barkell and Bryce Davison at the Toronto Cricket, Skating and Curling Club.

Earlier in May this year, Moscovitch had a tryout with the Russian skater. Once Iliushechkina’s Canadian visa is arranged a new team will begin their workouts.

“We’re just figuring out her visa release. So we haven’t really made our partnership public,” Moscovitch said Canadian media. “It’s a very exciting new start.” he added.

Lubov Iliushechkina, a 22-year-old from Moscow, trained in St. Petersburg and won the 2009 Junior Worlds with Nodari Maisuradze. They broke up in March 2012 and Iliushechkina had hoped to skate for France first year but a proposed pairing with French pair skater Yannick Kocon fell through.

Last week it became known that Moscovitch’s previous partner, a 21-year-old Kirsten Moore-Towers, teamed up with another national team member Michael Marinaro.

Oleg Vasiliev, 1984 Olympic champion, thinks that the formation of new pairs, including Iliushechkina and Moscovitch, will lead to positive changes in our sport.

“It’s a natural selection in sport,” he said R-Sport news agency. “In both Russia and Canada survives the strongest. I think it’s for the better. More pairs means higher competition. And the higher competition makes better the final result.” Vasiliev added.

The expert assumed that the team will not have a “quarantine” associated with the change of sporting citizenship because Iliushechkina didn’t compete at the international events for more than two years. This means that athletes will be able to compete on the world stage already in the new season.

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