Julia Lipnitskaia asks fans for ideas

Julia Lipnitskaia at Sochi Olympics

By Vladislav Luchianov

Sochi Olympic champion Julia Lipnitskaia of Russia addressed to the participants of her official fan group at the Russian social network VKontakte to help her choose the music and the idea for new long program.

In the last season Julia’s both programs – SP for You Don’t Give Up on Love by Mark Minkov and FS for Schindler’s List by John Williams – were choreographed by 2002 Olympic silver medalist Ilia Averbukh. These programs had a runaway success throughout the season.

Her Schindler’s List program deeply impressed not only those who identify themselves as representatives of the skating community but also hundreds of thousands of people worldwide who stared in mute amazement at Lipnitskaia’s performances at the Sochi Olympics.

The famous director of Schindler’s List movie Steven Spielberg was among those who were deeply impressed by Lipnitskaia. He was so touched by what he saw that he wrote a personal letter of appreciation to the skater.

“The short program for the next season is fully ready and Julia is very happy about it. She and her coach Eteri Tutberidze still didn’t make a decision about her free skate program, so Julia would like to ask group members to help her with music ideas.” Lipnitskaia’s group administration said in a special message to fans.

It also reported that Lipnitskaia will personally review proposals of fans in the social network.

Since I was the journalist who nominated Julia for the 2013-14 Icenetwork Person of the Year, let me throw in my two cents :-)

I’ve long been thinking that Julia could portray very well images from the following songs. All three of them are in French (two by France’s Chimène Badi and one by a Canadian singer Natasha St-Pier). All pieces are with romantic but serious, strong images and without superficial or naive motives. That’s why I think they could be suitable for her.

In any case, I am sure that Julia will choose music that answers her purposes.


Photo: official Vkontakte page of Julia Lipnitskaia

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