Lipnitskaia overcomes post Olympic syndrome

Julia Lipnitskaia in test performances

At the test skating event, which was held in sporting camp of Novogorsk last weekend, 2014 Olympic champion in team competitions Julia Lipnitskaia showed judges and specialists of the Russian skating federation her new programs.

These test performances of Russian skaters were conducted behind closed doors, so the media do not know all the details of the presented programs. However, Julia talked in an interview with a press service of her federation not only about new performances but also about general preparation for the new season and about difficulties she experienced after successful Olympic season.

“We started the season much later than usual because this time we had a long rest – almost one and a half months,” admitted Julia. “After performances in various shows I didn’t have a normal training. Also, I was busy with passing my school exams. After that we went on vacation where my sporting shape probably dropped to zero. But I needed it. The Olympic season was very difficult.” she continued.

The skater notes that it was a very long and hard process to restore her conditions back to normal after the Sochi Olympics and that psychologically she was completely exhausted in that period.

“I now understand why some athletes decide to end their careers after Olympics. The Games just suck the lifeblood out of them. I was lucky that right after Sochi I switched to ice shows. In addition, they gave me a lot in terms of contact with music.”

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Last season Lipnitskaia began with so-called B event category at Finlandia Trophy, which is one of those that open any new season. This time, she decided to start directly from the Grand Prix series, where she assigned to 2014 Cup of China and Trophée Éric Bompard.

“We had planned to slowly gain the necessary conditions. Therefore, my preparation is going with no hurry and in a quiet mode. Also, I decided to switch to a new model of skates, because all these years I have suffered from Risport skates, in which I skated all my life. The boots were breaking in the first week and then were becoming a kind of “slippers”, and we had to constantly strengthen them and change something. Now I’m trying Jackson skates, this model is better for me. The jump becomes a little higher. These skates are harder and push me stronger.” Lipnitskaia said.

After very successful programs of the Olympic season many skaters have difficulty in choosing the music for their new programs. Julia is no exception.

“We made my short program fast enough. I suggested to take Bel Suono piece that I love very much. In general, all the process of its creation turned out very well.” Julia continued.

At the moment not everything is going well with her free skate program. The 16-year-old did not want to take the banal things after the Olympics. She also thinks that serious themes should be postponed.

“After the Schindler’s List I just had to switch to something different.” she admitted.

“The first option that we tried was the music from The Last Love on Earth movie but I felt that it was not mine. Maybe it’s because I didn’t like its music and the general idea from the first moment. There were interesting pieces but I didn’t feel the whole program’s image. The second option was the music from the animated film Mulan. It wasn’t an already fully made performance but specialists at test skating had critical views on it,” the Olympic champion explained.

“So we will change my free skating program again. I have one more variant. Eteri (Tutberidze) and I like it but we will wait for Ilia’s (Averbukh) opinion. He is very sensitive to music and makes vivid and memorable programs, so we want to continue to work with him.” she added.

Last month, Julia asked the participants of her official fan group at the Russian social network VKontakte to help her choose the music and the idea for new long program.

“We received a lot of music suggestions but our opinions were divided. Maybe for the next season I will take something from what we got. Thank you all!”

“At the moment we are deliberately not in hurry and not forcing anything. No need to be in full readiness when there are still one and a half months before the beginning.” Lipnitskaia concluded.

News report, translation of quotes and adaptation: Vladislav Luchianov


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