Radionova finds comfort in flamenco style

Elena Radionova at 2013 Skate America

A two-time world junior champion Elena Radionova of Russia said that she feels herself very comfortable with flamenco music, which she chose for her new short program.

In her new free skating program, the Russian skater will perform to classical music by Sergei Rachmaninoff.

“It was difficult to work on flamenco style at the beginning. But I worked a lot on this theme and it seems to me that now everything is getting better and better,” Radionova said R-Sport agency.

“In classical music you need to pay attention to the beautiful lines, trying to transmit the subtlety and lightness of the program. Flamenco, by its mood, is quite different: the entire image should look bright and powerful.” she added.

She also noted that it is easy to her to switch from one program to another. “When I hear flamenco music, I immediately get a storm of emotions! As for classical… This kind of music always leads you in the right direction.” the Russian skater admitted.

Radionova also shared her competitive plans for the upcoming season.

“At the moment I can’t say clear about my nearest events. I will decide with my coach about possibility of competing somewhere before the Grand Prix Series. Last year I competed in Oberstdorf and maybe this time we will do the same. I’m also happy about my Grand Prix assignments.

I’m very glad that I will perform in the United States, as in the past year and I’m sure that the stage in France will also be great.” Radionova concluded.

Photo: Rebecca Cook

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