Verona gets ready for hot ice

Carolina Kostner in Opera on Ice

Olympic ice figure skating champions together with international show business professionals and with the Italian lingerie company will be the stars of the first edition of a new show, which will set a new standard for ice skating and Opera, in the unique setting of Verona’s Arena.

For poets, the best life is divided between dream and reality. And this is the very atmosphere that awaits spectators at the Arena di Verona which, on the evenings of 20 and 21 September 2014, will become the setting of an innovative show, in which a dreamlike beauty envelops the impassioned harmony of skaters flying over the ice: that of Intimissimi On Ice OPERAPOP.

A project that links music, skating and fashion, that blends pop music inspirations with famous Operas, combining the classical fascination of ice dance with kaleidoscopic settings and lighting effects and unforgettable projections.

Starting from the success of one of the finest Ice Galas, “Opera on ice” devised by Giulia Mancini and held in the Arena in the past three editions, the new original musical format will transform it into an international level show. The credit for this must go to its creators and co-producers: Creative Director Marco Balich, President of Balich Worldwide Shows and the man behind the success of numerous Olympic Ceremonies and world-scale shows; Giulia Mancini, organizer of ice-skating events; the television production company and Sandro Veronesi, President of Calzedonia Group SpA.

Operapop on ice

The stars on the ice will be the great world and Olympic figure skating champions guided by Marco Balich’s visionary creativity: first and foremost the grace and elegance of the star of the show, the internationally famous Carolina Kostner, as well as Stephane Lambiel, Anna Cappellini & Luca Lanotte, Qing Pang & Jian Tong, who together with other great champions, will fly on skates interpreting the amazing choreographies of Maestro Nathan Clarke, under starry lights.

On the notes of famous opera arias, they will enchant the audience by interpreting both Operas and symphonic melodies of famous pop songs, interpreted by stars.

It will be a sparkling display of beauty in movement, with costumes by Ali Mahdavi, the famous artist and photographer, aesthete of art, who has taken inspiration from the 2014 autumn winter collection of the “intimissimi” brand, dreaming up extremely sensual creations.

The show will be divided into two acts for an evening of pure entertainment: the Arena will be transformed into a lake to the sound of waterfalls, and will then become ice and icebergs, lit up by the flames of meteorites with fiery dances finally giving way to flashes of light, to create effects similar to embroidery with multicolor flares and diamond-like reflections in the Arena. In a state of euphoria ready to conquer all five senses with the flair of a totally Italian excellence.

Two acts and five worlds of spectacular scenic effects, designed by the incomparable Michael Curry: from the intensity of the ice to the power of dreams, the world of the soul turns into a garden of delights, to end with a final celebration of this universe. An unforgettable experience, the result of a synergy between the greatest entertainment show professionals on the world scene and the very best stars of international ice skating.

Directed by Francisco Negrin and with light design by Bruno Poet, Intimissimi On Ice OPERAPOP is preparing to draw the general public into its world, and the public’s expectations will be voiced in just one word: amazement. It will certainly be the most exhilarating, sensual, romantic and daring Opera ever seen.

Intimissimi on ice Operapop – Official Promo

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