Javier Fernandez: “I’m still fascinated by figure skating”

Javier Fernandez wins 2015 World Championships

Today, the 2015 World champion Javier Fernandez of Spain celebrates his 24th birthday. This week, in an interview with the Spanish edition La Informacion, he told about his successes, his life and big contribution of his coach Brian Orser.

“I came to figure skating because of my sister. She started skating when she was 11 years old and I was amazed when I saw this sport. I’m still fascinated by it. Many people say: “This is a sport for girls” but I try not to pay attention to such words,” Fernandez said.

“I am very grateful to my parents. They had to make a lot of financial efforts because figure skating is a very expensive sport. Now I have sponsors and I’m able to cover my costs, but until recently it wasn’t easy,” he noted.

“My life consists of constant trainings, rest after them and competitions. My coach, Brian Orser, plays an important role in my career and my successes. For me, figure skating is an art, a joy for eyes and ears. And, of course, I was very happy to become a World champion. Standing at the top of the podium is a great joy and I will never forget it,” Javier Fernandez stressed.

The Spanish skater began this past season with the 2014/15 Grand Prix series, winning a silver medal at the 2014 Skate Canada. He then won gold at the 2014 Rostelecom Cup by defeating Sergei Voronov of Russia by thirteen points and qualified for his third Grand Prix Final. At the GP Final, which was held in Barcelona, Fernandez was fifth in the short program, finished second in the free skate, and took the silver medal behind Sochi Olympic champion Yuzuru Hanyu of Japan.

In January, he easily won his third consecutive title at the 2015 European championships in Stockholm, Sweden with an overall score of 262.49 points, defeating Russians Maxim Kovtun and Sergei Voronov by 27 and 29 points, respectively.

At the 2015 World Championships in Shanghai, the Spaniard scored a total of 273.90 points, winning his first World champion’s title, ahead of Yuzuru Hanyu and Denis Ten of Kazakhstan. By winning this title, Fernandez became the first skater from Spain to win a World Championships.

Photo: javierfernandezskater.com

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