Moldova debuted at international skating stage

Anna Gordienko of Moldova

By Vladislav Luchianov

From 19 to 23 August in Bratislava, Slovakia was held the first stage of the 2015/16 ISU Junior Grand Prix series. It was a debut event at ISU competitions for the Republic of Moldova – a small country located between Ukraine and Romania. The country was presented by 13-year-old Anna Gordienko.

Anna has been skating since just 2010 under the guidance of her coach Valentina Mynzat. The Moldovan debutant performed the short program to the music of The World of Rolex by Chinese pianist Lang Lang. Her free skating was set to Demo (Letzter Tag) by Herbert Groenemeyer.

“One day, to celebrate my birthday, I went to public skating and a coach asked me if I would like to try figure skating,” Gordienko recalls. “I really love this kind of sport. In my opinion, figure skating is a way to learn to listen to your body and manage it.”

Despite the understandable nervousness of a newbie, the skater attracted attention of specialists and audience by her musicality, choreographic components and diligent execution of technical elements, among which were the triple loop-double toe combo and double Axel. Unfortunately not everything turned out well as Gordienko failed to execute a set of planned jumps and their combinations.

“I think my mistakes were due to nervousness. I had a goal to achieve minimum technical element scores that would allow me to go to the world junior championships, but I failed to do it this time. My conclusion is that I have to put even more efforts on trainings, no less than 200%,” Anna commented self-critically.

Anna Gordienko performs her short program at jJunior Grand Prix in Bratislava

“One of the reasons of her mistakes is the lack of experience of participation in competitions of this level, so Anna could not cope with nerves and emotions,” her coach Valentina Mynzat said.

Perhaps the final 25th place with 83.43 points overall many consider as a pretty modest result, but if take into account that Anna is seriously engaged in figure skating just five years and also add an experience and status of many of her rivals, then such result looks more than worthy to the debut at the international stage.

“I liked everything in Bratislava: the big arena, great ice, and friendly athletes. Everything was organized very well and beautiful. I have only very good and pleasant memories of these events,” Gordienko mentioned.

The coach of Moldova’s skater does not hide emotions about her country’s debut at the ISU Junior Grand Prix, too.

“I liked the event very much. It was a big and very well-organized tournament, where I was lucky to meet good friends and meet new ones. I gained an invaluable experience as a coach and, perhaps, as an organizer of international competitions in future. There was a big joy to represent my country for the first time at this ISU event and see the national flag of the Republic of Moldova there,” Mynzat said.

Anna Gordienko and her coach Valentina Mynzat

Figure Skating Federation of the Republic of Moldova has received international recognition from the ISU just over a year ago. Now, this country has the right to represent their athletes in all international figure skating competitions, including the most prestigious.

“Our plans for the future include achieving the necessary technical minimum of ISU, taking part in the European and world championships and Olympic Games. In the future, we would like to see the Moldovan flag waving not only on the ice arena but also on the podium,” the coach added.

Photos: courtesy of Figure Skating Federation of the Republic of Moldova

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