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(11/20/2017) Smart, Diaz pursue deep emotions through skating

(11/17/2017) Kvitelashvili aims to bring Georgia into prominence

(10/23/2017) Krasnozhon continues to build winning reputation

(09/26/2017) Cultured Loboda, Drozd ready to make their mark

(09/22/2017) Iliushechkina, Moscovitch continue team growth

(08/22/2017) Reynolds hopes to build off last season’s success

(06/05/2017) Chait helping Israeli skaters reach new heights

(05/09/2017) Kerry cements Australian presence in PyeongChang

(03/27/2017) Multitasking Ge ready for last world championships

(03/21/2017) Lepistö promises exciting atmosphere in Helsinki

(02/17/2017) Hendrickx emphasis artistic approach to skating

(12/22/2016) Flade offers perspective on first half of 2016 season

(12/19/2016) Barinova advocates artistry, age-appropriate music

(11/28/2016) Past struggles only strengthen Bobrova, Soloviev

(11/16/2016) Bell’s move to Arutunian pays immediate dividends
(10/17/2016) Sotskova feels confident ahead of Grand Prix debut
(10/14/2016) Březina hopes Arutunian gives him push he needs
(09/19/2016) Latvian Vasiljevs wants to put home country on map
(09/13/2016) Tsurskaya hopes for ‘worthy’ return at JGP Russia
(07/14/2016) Menshov moves to coaching after turbulent career
(07/08/2016) Daleman finds renewed focus, passion in Toronto
(06/28/2016) Bourzat fully immersed in coaching career, lifestyle
(05/24/2016) Agafonova, Uçar show resolve in trying season
(05/11/2016) Medvedeva more than just next great Russian lady
(04/27/2016) Wheaton Academy next dance mecca of the U.S.?
(04/19/2016) Creating skaters’ outfits is McKinnon’s calling
(03/14/2016) Return to Gambill helps Pierce regain confidence
(02/22/2016) Risky program structure paying off for Samohin
(02/17/2016) Cannuscio, McManus forge own path to success
(01/12/2016) Rajičová ‘feeling good’ about state of her skating
(12/18/2015) Hicks riding high after breakout performances
(12/15/2015) Rodeghiero does star turn in ‘Pretty Woman’ short
(11/25/2015) Technically speaking, Ziegler, Kiefer among the best
(11/18/2015) Guignard, Fabbri show deep love for Italy on ice
(10/26/2015) Destiny brings Fournier Beaudry, Sorensen together
(10/15/2015) Tsurskaya looking to build on international success
(08/27/2015) ‘One step at a time': Ge prefers to take things slow
(08/24/2015) Yanovskaia, Mozgov ready for jump to senior ranks
(07/15/2015) Lambiel: ‘I prefer investing in my sport and my art’
(07/07/2015) Strong support system key to Pitkeev’s success
(06/18/2015) Rising stars of Asia: Tursynbaeva sidesteps praise
(06/11/2015) Péchalat making most of post-retirement life
(05/13/2015) Bianchetti Garbato wants to see joy return to the ice
(05/01/2015) Queen Tukt: Elizaveta enjoys season for the ages
(04/20/2015) Séguin, Bilodeau progress thanks to chemistry
(04/09/2015) Focused Nguyen doesn’t feel pressure of big stage
(03/13/2015) Scali: Skaters should focus on technique, not tricks
(03/09/2015) Ten’s ascent sparks skating boom in Kazakhstan
(02/11/2015) Bychenko rides wave of momentum into worlds
(01/28/2015) Coomes, Buckland bring passion, chaos to skating
(01/28/2015) Březina tries to avoid fourth-place label in Sweden
(12/22/2014) Chartrand wants to push herself, sport to the limit
(12/10/2014) Montreal breathes new life into Haguenauer’s team
(11/25/2014) Iliushechkina, Moscovitch in it for the long haul
(11/06/2014) Moore-Towers, Marinaro hope to grow after debut
(10/27/2014) Cappellini, Lanotte still striving for improvement
(10/06/2014) Move to Moscow has Sakhanovich dreaming big
(08/14/2014) Great expectations: Hicks aims for U.S. podium
(08/11/2014) Two disciplines, one skater: Marchei’s bold move
(07/23/2014) Korpi ready to return following surgery on Achilles
(07/10/2014) Righini finds skating rebirth after switching to Italy
(06/30/2014) Tuktamisheva aims to return to previous form
(06/19/2014) Czisny pursues skating, only in different direction
(05/15/2014) Orser stresses mental preparation in new app
(05/05/2014) Hurtado, Diaz push ice dance forward in Iberia
(04/21/2014) Luchianov: No one touched hearts like Lipnitskaia
(04/16/2014) Vipond works to keep creative vision in routines
(04/02/2014) Majorov aims to make podium at home Europeans
(01/30/2014) Spacious Olympic Village officially opens in Sochi
(01/22/2014) Moore-Towers, Moscovitch might stay for 2018
(12/10/2013) Berton, Hotarek make for perfect European union
(12/04/2013) Pogorilaya claims spot among Russia’s young elite
(11/07/2013) Sochi Olympic torch to conquer final frontier
(11/04/2013) Australia’s Han plans to relish Sochi experience
(10/24/2013) Revived Verner finds new inspiration in Slovakia
(10/07/2013) Williams puts Brazil on Olympic skating map
(09/29/2013) Olympic flame for Sochi Games lit in Greece
(09/09/2013) Prometheus was Sochi’s first Olympic guest
(08/28/2013) World silver medalist Ten will be a ‘hooligan’
(08/27/2013) Radionova ready to make jump to senior level
(07/18/2013) Wang banks on making breakthrough in Boston
(07/01/2013) Czisny preparing for one last run at Olympic glory
(06/19/2013) Olympic dream leads roller skater Betti to the ice
(05/30/2013) Sochi unveils uniquely Russian Olympic medals
(05/21/2013) Caluza endeavors to blaze trail for Filipino skaters
(05/15/2013) Menshov tries to move past tumultuous season
(04/23/2013) Ouriashev says past season ‘turned out perfectly’
(04/08/2013) Meite to use mixed bag of a season as motivation
(03/25/2013) Russian champion Tuktamisheva tackles future
(03/04/2013) ‘Earth citizen’ Ge wishes to change figure skating
(02/19/2013) Detroit coaching team brings out ‘pep’ in Marchei
(02/12/2013) Recent successes just a beginning for Amodio
(01/14/2012) World champion Kostner not ready to stop yet
(01/03/2013) Renewed Czisny ready to return to ice in Omaha
(12/17/2012) New coaches raise Kovtun’s skating to next level
(12/06/2012) Korpi battles flu to continue fine season at Final
(11/27/2012) Stepanova, Bukin not satisfied with past results
(11/14/2012) Shpilband opens new horizons for Russian duo
(10/06/2012) Takahashi, Wagner tip superstars at Japan Open
(09/21/2012) Verona celebrates culture in unique skating show
(09/06/2012) Fiery Fernandez carrying flag for Spanish skaters
(08/08/2012) Sochi.Park: A piece of winter at London Olympics
(08/03/2012) Lambiel enjoying new career as choreographer
(07/09/2012) Reynolds wants to become new quad king
(07/06/2012) Sweden’s Helgessons keep it all in the family
(06/07/2012) Creating programs: Haguenauer seeks ‘balance’
(05/21/2012) The Descendant: Ten skates for famous ancestor
(05/16/2012) Creating programs: Chouinard talks music
(05/14/2012) Sochi’s ‘Iceberg’ Skating Palace ready for action
(04/17/2012) Creating programs: Marcotte talks choreography
(04/03/2012) Silver inspires tears, emotions for happy Leonova
(03/12/2012) Russia still deciding between Makarova, Shelepen
(03/08/2012) Lipnitskaia enjoys freedom after golden season
(02/13/2012) Stolbova, Klimov aim to become top Russian pair
(02/06/2012) Berton, Hotarek inspire Italians, prep for worlds
(01/12/2012) Russian greats optimistic for Sochi Olympics
(12/28/2011) Sotnikova earns third national title in four years
(12/27/2011) Plushenko overcomes injury, rust to capture gold
(12/22/2011) Russian skaters dream big before nationals
(11/28/2011) Bazarova and Larionov show more serious side
(11/09/2011) Sotnikova seeking redemption at Rostelecom Cup
(11/01/2011) Shelepen finds greatest joy in life on ice
(10/27/2011) Sochi remains ultimate goal for Takahashi
(09/27/2011) Amodio aims for world podium this season
(09/14/2011) Tuktamisheva looks to make immediate impact
(09/07/2011) Czisny looking to build on last season’s success
(08/10/2011) Coomes, Buckland ready to make an impact
(08/01/2011) Zhang hopes to prove she’s a contender
(07/12/2011) ‘City of love’ becomes city of skating
(07/05/2011) Big things on the horizon for Brezina
(06/07/2011) Alexei Yagudin promotes healthy lifestyle

(06/01/2011) Zawadzki eyes worlds in second senior season

(05/17/2011) Fernandez trying to make skating popular in Spain
(05/02/2011) Leonova will continue to train with new inspiration
(04/12/2011) Pechalat, Bourzat ready to fight for worlds podium
(04/04/2011) Lacoste plans to soak up experience at worlds
(03/10/2011) Suguri says she’ll shoot for Sochi Olympics

(03/03/2011) Sochi Games still a possibility for Plushenko

(02/18/2011) Sonia Bianchetti Garbato nominated for HOF
(02/14/2011) Bobrova, Soloviev look to snag a medal at worlds
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